Wimbledon ripple blanket

I’ve been a bit under the weather lately, with a nasty sore hand that has stopped me from being able to crochet for a couple of weeks, it’s been really frustrating not being able to make any progress on my granny stripe blanket. But, it has given me the opportunity to spend some quality time snuggled up on the sofa under my wimbledon ripple blanket.

20120518-183736.jpg I started my ripple blanket in the limbo between Christmas and New Year. It seemed a good idea to have something to keep my hands busy rather than stuffing myself with chocolate. My blanket quickly grew and was complete at the end of February. It’s not that big, just the right size for snuggling under on the sofa or throwing over your legs in bed. I bought some fairly cheap wool from our local Hobbycraft in three huge 400g balls, one green, one grey and one purple, I only realised when I finished than the colours were very Wimbledon. I wasn’t sure how much I would need or how the blanket would work out, so I just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

20120518-182221.jpg I’m really pleased with how it has turned out, I love the rippled edge, I’m not keen on ripple blankets that are squared off with a border, it seems such a shame after all that hard work rippling. I’m not so keen on the colours, it is a bit too muted for my tastes. I have gone to town on the colours for my next blanket!

20120518-184247.jpg The good news is that my hand is feeling much better after a few days rest and I’m ready to have another go at my granny stripe blanket again. This one is taking much longer than the ripple, but it really is going to be worth it, I already love the bright colours together, especially the pink and lime green.

Have a lovely weekend!

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